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ABS Steel: Leading in Marine and Offshore Industries

ABS Steel is a globally recognized company that provides engineering and certification services to the marine and offshore industries. With over 150 years of experience, ABS Steel has established a reputation as a reliable and trusted partner to its clients. As technology advances and new challenges arise in the marine and offshore industries, ABS Steel remains at the forefront of innovation and remains committed to delivering top-quality services to its customers.

One of the key areas of expertise for ABS Steel is ship classification. ABS Steel has developed strict standards for ship design and construction, ensuring that vessels meet the highest safety and environmental standards. These standards are continuously updated to reflect changes in the industry and new technologies, making ABS Steel an essential partner for shipbuilders and shipowners alike.

In addition to ship classification, ABS Steel offers a range of other services to the marine and offshore industries. These services include engineering consultation, risk analysis and management, and regulatory compliance services. ABS Steel provides the necessary expertise to its clients to ensure that their projects are completed on time and on budget, while meeting all applicable safety and environmental regulations.

Moreover, ABS Steel also provides certification services for offshore structures. The company has extensive experience in the design and certification of offshore platforms, including those used in the oil and gas industry. ABS Steel has also developed industry-leading standards for the design and construction of offshore wind farms. The company’s expertise in this area makes it an essential partner for companies involved in the offshore renewable energy sector.

ABS Steel’s commitment to quality and excellence has earned it numerous awards and recognition. In 2020, the company was named Lloyd’s List Intelligence Engineering Firm of the Year. This award recognizes the company’s expertise in engineering and its leadership in the marine and offshore industries.

As the marine and offshore industries continue to evolve, ABS Steel remains at the forefront of innovation and is committed to meeting the changing needs of its clients. The company’s extensive experience and expertise have made it a leader in ship classification, engineering consultation, risk analysis and management, regulatory compliance, and offshore certification services. ABS Steel’s dedication to quality and excellence ensures that it will remain a trusted partner to its clients for many years to come.

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