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Carbon Steel ASTM A106: The Versatile Choice for High-Temperature Applications

When it comes to high-temperature applications, carbon steel is often the material of choice. And among the various grades of carbon steel, ASTM A106 stands out as one of the most versatile and widely used.

What is ASTM A106?

ASTM A106 is a standard specification for seamless carbon steel pipe for high-temperature service. It covers seamless pipes for conveying fluids at temperatures exceeding 350°C (662°F), and it is commonly used in power plants, refineries, and other industrial settings that require reliable, high-temperature piping.

What are the properties of ASTM A106?

One of the key advantages of ASTM A106 is its excellent high-temperature strength. This allows it to resist deformation and cracking at elevated temperatures, making it ideal for use in applications such as steam pipelines, boiler tubes, and heat exchangers.

Additionally, ASTM A106 has good chemical and mechanical properties, including high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, and durability. It is also machinable, allowing it to be easily formed and shaped into various sizes and configurations.

What are the types of ASTM A106?

ASTM A106 comes in three grades, each with its own set of specific properties:

– ASTM A106 Grade A: This type of carbon steel pipe is ideal for low-temperature applications and is commonly used in small-diameter piping systems.

– ASTM A106 Grade B: Grade B is the most commonly used grade of ASTM A106, and it is suitable for medium-temperature applications. It is often used for pressure vessels, fluid conveyance, and structural applications.

– ASTM A106 Grade C: This grade offers the same strength and chemical properties as Grade B, but with even higher ductility and toughness. It is commonly used in high-temperature applications that require greater flexibility and resilience.

What are the applications of ASTM A106?

ASTM A106 is widely used in a variety of industries, including:

– Power generation: ASTM A106 is commonly used for high-temperature steam pipelines and boiler tubes in power plants.

– Oil and gas: It is used for the transportation of crude oil, natural gas, and other petroleum-based products.

– Refineries: ASTM A106 is used for piping and tubing systems in refineries and other petrochemical facilities.

– Mechanical and structural applications: It is used in various structural and mechanical applications, including conveyors, bearings, and suspension components.


Carbon Steel ASTM A106 is a versatile and reliable material that is widely used in high-temperature applications across a wide range of industries. With its excellent strength, durability, and chemical and mechanical properties, it is the preferred choice for applications that require reliable, high-temperature piping.

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