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CPM9V is a high-performance tool steel developed by Crucible Industries LLC. This steel is a high-chromium, high-vanadium, molybdenum-alloyed, powdered metallurgy tool steel, and has several noteworthy characteristics.

One of the most significant features of CPM9V is its high wear resistance. The steel has a high level of molybdenum (4%), which increases its resistance to abrasive wear, and a high level of chromium (8%), which reduces oxidation and helps maintain its toughness. This makes CPM9V an ideal steel for manufacturing tools that are subjected to harsh environments, such as stamping and forming dies, plastic injection molding components, and cutting tools.

Another key feature of CPM9V is its toughness. The addition of vanadium (3%) in the steel’s composition enhances its ability to create small, dispersed carbides that strengthen the steel while maintaining its toughness. This results in a high level of resistance to chipping and cracking, even at high operating temperatures.

Moreover, CPM9V has excellent corrosion resistance due to its high chromium composition. This makes the steel ideal for use in environments with high acidic or alkaline content, such as pulp and paper processing plants.

The steel’s unique properties also make it ideal for unconventional tooling applications, such as woodworking and roughing operations, where high-speed steel may not be suitable.

CPM9V is available in various forms, including flat stock, rounds, and other customized shapes. It is also available in different heat-treated conditions, which makes it easy to choose a particular grade that meets specific application requirements.

In conclusion, CPM9V is a high-performance tool steel with an excellent combination of wear resistance, toughness, and corrosion resistance. This makes it ideal for use in applications that require high-performance tooling in harsh environments. CPM9V is widely available and easily customizable to meet specific application requirements, making it a popular choice for tool manufacturers.

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